My Prince Charming

Roshan, Thank you for loving me
You saved me from myself
When I was naïve and childish
When I chased after worldly pleasure
When I pushed you away and hurt your feelings
When I refused to acknowledge your presence
Thank you for loving me

When I lead you on with a promise of love
And then feigned confusion and denial
When I called you in the middle of the night
And ignored your call the next day
Thank you for loving me

When I flirted openly and behaved without respect
When I wore short skirts and sought attention
When I got drunk and had you take care of me
When I was proud and arrogant
Thank you for loving me

For all those moments
When you chose to be patient
Against better advice from your friends or your own
Thank you for choosing me

Sometimes I lay awake at night and watch you sleep, wondering how I got so lucky
You are the man I dreamed of, my prince charming
With your dark brown eyes and dimpled chin
Your passion for creativity, your simplicity and selflessness
Your hardwork and sacrifice
Your loyalty and devotion
Your innocence and intelligence
I cannot believe how lucky I am
And then I pray to God and thank Him, and so I shall for the rest of my life

I will love you till the day I die and then wait for you in heaven
Thank you for loving me, I do not deserve you but I promise to keep trying.

A Wish Upon A Dream

A dream dream't or a fantasy unmasked.

A dream dream't or a fantasy unmasked. I wish I never know.

A world of Life,
of bliss untold.

Sparkling eyes..
Charming smiles..
Magical hands !

A prayer of I Love You's..
Lyrics spoken.

A wish upon a shooting star
with my Love not distances afar.
A Kiss upon the cheek,
Priceless words he speaks.

The sky looks like my wedding palace,
adorned with lights and a honeymoon.
The birds fly past me singing me a tune,
"Here comes the bride..
here she comes !"
The trees blow me a gentle breeze,
I fall into an embrace,
spinning on my partner's feet !

I have myself a crush !
Love they call it..
what is love ?
If this is love then I'm dreaming !

Flaring skirts..heels clicking..
Glasses clanking..spirits mounting.
Its a celebration !

Look around you..
the people you see,
the voices you hear,
the movements you catch,
All part of an organised plan..
A plan made in festive spirits..
to celebrate, to cherish,
to rejoice !
A Divine Planning.

This is my dream.
This is my Reality.

I hear a sound..
a distant sound
like a fly in my ear.
Could it be music ?
Could it be a whisper ?

A wake up-call.
Its time to wake up.

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